Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have a confession. I haven't painted in over 3 months. Yeah. I would look at my "studio" and just think "some day." Well, I had to chop part of my geranium plant and decide to paint the trimmings. Easy, right? Pink is notoriously hard to paint, glass is challenging because it's all tones and values, and the blue? Well, I just love the color manganese.

Here's a picture of my studio area...
(also know as the other half of the computer room). It was either paint or clean it up. Notice how the floor is not shown. Yep. I would rather paint.

A Companion of Diana

This drawing was done from a photograph provided on the blog Different Strokes From Different Folks, where artists are encouraged to paint or draw their own interpretations.

It was a lot of fun spending time just drawing, picking up a pencil, putting it to paper and just draw. It soothed my soul to return to what I know best. Drawing, for me, is usually pretty effortless... it just happens. Not the case this time. I've been known not to use an eraser but I sure did this time. Still, I'm happy with the result. And am pleased that by the end my session, the pencil felt at one in my hand. Plus I finish off several shows on my DVR that I've been meaning to watch. Win-win!!