Sunday, April 17, 2011

Qiang Huang ~ Day 3

A quick paint morning before the afternoon lecture about the business side of art. Qiang is a wonderful teacher, both with the artistic side and the business side. He's very clear, precise and detailed. Did I mention he's an engineer in real life? I definitely would recommend his workshops.

Today's painting is a detailed study of high-key still life from yesterday. Christa & I had planned to change it, but we arrived after our 3rd artist, who had already begun to paint it. Oh well, it felt good to sleep in a bit.

I played with the style of painting. Normally I'm pretty tight and controlled. So today I went loose. Only wiped the canvas twice (but it was in the drawing stage.) But, as they say, "No Pain. No Gain." Later, I had some wonderful and uplifting comments from Qiang and fellow artists. It was great learning experience (but, boy, am I tired!)

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